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Our History

LOONG NAM has long been established itself as the first and oldest handmade biscuit shop located in the lovely island known famously as the Pearl of the Orient – Penang Island, Malaysia. Founded in 1928 by the two family members who were passionate bakers and succeeded by the second and then third generations of this passionate family members, we are always faithful to our origins with passion. 

Throughout our long historical journey, our sweet adventure continued through many ups and downs. Therefore, every single recipe produced by the forefathers of LOONG NAM tells a historical story filled with emotional events that makes our biscuits uniquely delicious and tasty.

Realising the need to move together with the modern times with more creation of latest pastries after our long historical journey, the new family members of LOONG NAM have undertaken the construction of a modern biscuit manufacturing factory in Penang Science Park in 2020 and in early 2021, this new factory obtained all relevant international quality accreditations namely GMP, ISO22000, HACCP, HALAL and MeSTI. 

Through various internal R&D efforts after the completion of this modern factory, this fourth young generation of management team has created more healthy, tasty and trendy products such as granola, gluten free rice crackers, energy bars and chocolate products in addition to the traditional tasty biscuits.

In line with our efforts in modernising our product range while at the same time maintaining our traditional value, LOONG NAM has recently embarked on a rebranding exercise to rebrand our old logo and old shop into a more modern look. Our new brand name, HA’RITAGE is born for this purpose.

Our Philosophy

We believe that real food has the power to bring people together and create some of life’s most cherished moments where sharing real food with family and friends is a treasured part of healthy life. That’s why we put our energy into sourcing the best ingredients, finding the most authentic recipes and creating products that can enrich every moment to make life even better and longer.

The LOONG NAM history, the preparation of our products, the honesty, and the true flavours, inspire and encourage the health-conscious lifestyles of the coming generations. At LOONG NAM, we believe in the craft, the purity, the honesty, and the variety of our products. 

Timeline of Our History


Founding of Loong Nam

Located at 322, Penang Road. Opposite the famous Boston Bar


2nd generation takes over

Now a household name among Penangites


3rd generation takes over

Tradition continues; much loved biscuits are now more popular than ever


Gurney Plaza location

Opened our first retail shop in Gurney Plaza


Loong Nam relocated to Hutton Lane

A bigger, better location

November 2019

Convenience for all

Loong Nam offers online shopping for all of its customers


Relocated to Chowrasta

Relocated current shop in Hutton Lane to the popular Chowrasta Market


Current and future

New biscuit manufacturing factory in Penang Science Park. Obtained GMP, ISO22000, HACCP, HALAL and MeSTI certification in 2021.

Our Vision

To be a renowned brand of Malaysian leading confectionary manufacturer with sustainable growth in the global market.

Our Mission

To inspire a new generation of people who love honest food that fits within a balanced lifestyle.

We believe that the choices we make about what to eat, where the food comes from, and how it is made have a direct and powerful effect on the welfare and the health of consumers, their communities, and the world in which we live.

Our Values

We believe in a good value system that underpins our business model, drives our strategy and treats all people with dignity and fairness, and accountability for the protection of the environment.

Our Business Model

We deliver our business model through five strategic thrusts:

  • grow traditional value of food through our innovations;
  • long-term partnerships with our strategic suppliers, customers and other stakeholders;
  • extend our value chain in the food industry;
  • inspire great people; and
  • expand globally to reach out more people for sustainable growth