Our Heritage

Our Story

LOONG NAM has long established themselves as a traditional handmade biscuit manufacturer, hailing from the lovely island known famously as the Pearl of the Orient – Penang Island in Malaysia.

The company was first established under LOONG NAM & CO in the year 1928 by two family members who were passionate bakers, and has since been succeeded by the third generation of this passionate family-owned biscuit manufacturer. Therefore, every single recipe produced by the forefathers of the company tells a historical story filled with emotional events that makes our biscuits uniquely delicious and tasty.

Original Loong Nam paperbag with our address at 322, Penang Road

Our Recipes

Our recipes are almost a century old and were initially produced as local delicacies to be shared with family members during gatherings. Throughout decades, that tradition has been preserved through generations and has subsequently been established as a staple delicacies for festive seasons.

Now, it is more often enjoyed with family and friends during festivities or friendly gatherings, or even casual events, such as breakfast, lunch, or even as snacks while watching movies. Through being a local delicacy, our products are not only well-known to the local Malaysian Community, but also to the international community, such as in Europe, Australia, America, Thailand, Indonesia, Singapore and Hong Kong as well!

Our History

Original shop at Penang Road

Current bakery and shop at Hutton Lane

Original biscuits molds

Tools used during the olden days

Our Reputation

Our customers trust was not built in one day, but over the decades. Over the years, largely due to the company’s ideals of keeping our biscuits hand-made, we have been conservative in expanding and have kept strictly to selling at our own premises. Occasionally, you may find our biscuits selling in hypermarkets in small quantities.

However, due to changing times, we have recognized the necessity of providing convenient accessibility to all our customers. Thus, with each new year comes new goals to expand and extend our reach to all our beloved customers. Armed with our years of business acumen, we are looking forward to striving towards our goals, just as we have always been doing despite the challenges presented during the past century.