Beh Teh Saw


Beh Teh Saw (马蹄酥) has been a staple delicacy in the Chinese community for a very long time. The name literally translates as Horseshoe Biscuits due to the unique shape of the pastry that was acquired back when pastries were still being baked in a traditional clay oven. The pastry dough was pasted into to the side of the clay oven for baking, hence the end-product appeared to look like that of a horsehoe.

The pastry is filled with gooey maltose and a hint of sesame, giving it a sweet and savory taste that makes this delicacy one of the highly sought after pastry by locals and tourists alike.

Wheat Flour, Sugar, Peanut Oil, Wheat Molasses, Fried Onions and Sesame Seeds.

Quantity: 6 pieces/packet