Biskut A1


A1 Biscuits (A1饼) or Biskut A1 was invented by our bakers who believed that the ingredients in making this particular biscuit would make it one of the best. The name A1 was designed to be synonymous with being number one.

The biscuit has a unique mix of sweet and salty flavor, making it one-of-its-kind, as most biscuits normally stick to a single conventional flavor. The unique flavor of this biscuit has made it one of the most highly sought after biscuit, either due to its unique taste or the curiosity of our customers.

Due to the unique mix in flavors, this biscuit is best enjoyed alone in order to fully savour its flavor in its entirety. However, most of our customers reported enjoying them with a cup of hot coffee, as it softens the texture and brings out the unique flavorful taste.

Wheat Flour, Sugar, Salt, Eggs & Vegetable Oil.

Gross weight: 250g